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Andrew, Nathaniel, & You: Witnesses to the Glories of Christ

March 28, 2021 Speaker: Dr. Dave Berry Series: Following Jesus Together

Topic: Jesus Scripture: John 1:35–51

Who is Jesus? How you answer and respond to that question is the single most important thing you will ever do in this life. Your eternal state hangs in the balance of your response.


  1. Andrew, a witness to the glories of Christ (John 1:35–42)

  2. Philip, a witness to the glories of Christ (John 1:43–51)

  3. You, a Witness to the glories of Christ (John 1:29, 41–42, 48)

To know Christ and make Him known is the sum and substance of our Christian lives together.

There is an endless sunrise of glory in the face of Christ every-time you open your bible...stare at the gospel, wonder at its grace so that as an overflow you can say to others, “come and see Jesus!”