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Sanctuary Refresh Plans

The following drawings are the current plans that our architect has provided for our Sanctuary Refresh project. Since we are planning to maintain the ability to use the sanctuary in two orientations, you will see plans for both Lenghtways and Sideways. Our plan is to use the sanctuary in the Sideways orientations most weeks, but have the Lengthways orientation available for special events (Baptisms, Weddings, etc.)

Sideways Orientation

Sideways Floor plan

Sideways Floorplan

Sideways Macro View

Sideways View Far

Sideways Closeup View

Sideways View Close

Lengthways Orientation

Lengthways Floor plan

 Lengthways Floorplan

Lengthways Macro View - Windows Covered

Lengthways View Far

Lengthways Macro View - Windows Uncovered

Lengthways View Far with Windows

Lengthways Closeup View

Lengthways View Close