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Understanding Authority and Submission, Part 2

January 28, 2024 Speaker: Dr. Dave Berry Series: 1 Peter: Worship Through Suffering

Topic: Authority, Submission Scripture: 1 Peter 2:11– 3:1

  1. What is submission, obedience and where do they come from? [1 Peter 2:11ff]

  2. Who gets and gives submission and obedience? [1 Peter 2:13, 18; 3:1]

  3. Is disobedience ever justified? [various]

  4. Big Idea: Authority and submission are gifts from God, to be exercised in God’s ways, are for human flourishing and advancing the gospel in God’s world.

    4 principles for godly disobedience in the home; church; society; and state:

    1. We can disobey when authorities command what God forbids [actively promoting evil].

    2. We can disobey when authorities forbid what God commands [actively restraining obedience].

    3. We can disobey when authorities sinfully violate their God-given sphere sovereignty. Either by (a) sinfully abusing enforcement and/or (b) by sinfully usurping the authority and jurisdiction of another.What is the purpose of godly submission? [1 Peter 2:12, 15ff]
    4. We can disobey when it deeply violates a biblically calibrated conscience, even if the authority is operating in their purview and not in clear violation of Scripture. This is not to promote anarchy nor a cloak for autonomy. The person will likely and knowingly reap the fruit of disobedience and may not have any other recourse than God. The person also need to clearly distinguish between conscience and fear [do they think it is truly sin or are they afraid]


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