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1 Peter 1:13-21 | God is Your Father

December 3, 2023 Speaker: Dr. Dave Berry Series: 1 Peter: Worship Through Suffering

Topic: Holyness , Grace, Gospel, Hope Scripture: 1 Peter 1:13–21

1. God is your Father, So set your hope on His future grace [1 Peter 1:13]
2. God is your Father, So Be Holy as He is Holy [1 Peter 1:14–16]
3. God is your Father, So Live In Obedient Fear of His coming Judgment [1 Peter 1:17–21]

Futile Ways of the World

Holy Ways of Christ

No universal truth; truth is inside and subjective; “I am my own truth;”

Christ is universal truth; truth is outside and objective; “I

must conform myself to truth”

No universal morality [right & wrong]

Christ is universal morality [right & wrong]

Indulge yourself; “you do you;”

Deny yourself & take up your cross

live out your inner authentic self

Be like Jesus

“I am what I feel”

“I am what gospel grace has made me in Christ”

I cannot be wrong

All of life is repentance

My problems are outside of me

My biggest problems are inside of me

Politics, possessions, “power,” people are my salvation & security

Christ alone is my salvation & security