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What to do When Life Gets Stormy

July 25, 2021 Speaker: Steve Cole Series: Guest Speakers

Topic: Trust, Trials Scripture: Luke 8:22–25

Since Jesus is Lord over all, we must trust Him in the storms of life.
1. Jesus is Lord over all.

A. The Lord led them into this storm.

1) Storms hit suddenly and without warning.
2) Storms hit believers.
3) Storms hit obedient believers who are serving Christ.

B. The Lord went to sleep and seemed to leave them alone in the storm.

C. In reality, the Lord was with them in the storm.

2. We must trust Jesus the Lord in the storms of life.

A. Storms often expose how we are not trusting in the Lord.

1) Storms reveal our distorted view of the problem.
2) Not all fear is wrong, but Jesus rebuked the disciples because their fear was excessive.
3) Storms reveal our distorted view of ourselves.
4) Storms reveal our distorted view of the Lord Jesus.

B. Storms should drive us to trust in the Lord of the storm.

1) The better we know the Lord, the better we can trust Him.
2) The bigger the storm, the more the Lord will be glorified when we trust Him.
3) The more we trust Him in this storm, the more we will know Him and be able to trust Him in the next storm.

Application Questions

1. Since the world is watching when storms hit us, to what extent can we show our grief? Should we fake it that we are calm?

2. A child is molested and murdered. A critic asks, “How can God be both sovereign and loving?” Your answer?

3. What has helped you fight self-pity in a time of trial?

4. Why is “Trust in the Lord,” not worthless advice

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