Home Fellowships

Living life together

Small groups that worship, fellowship, & provide a place for spiritual & family growth within the body of the church. ¬†They’re families in almost every sense of the word, where members grow, share, and solve problems together, eat together & learn practical, Biblical lessons about their daily lives & Christian walks. ¬†they meet weekly in various homes and create great opportunities to grow in the context of personal relationships.


Johnson Home Fellowship
7:00 pm (Beginning 9/27/17)
3353 N Crest St.
“Trusting God” study by Bridges

Talbott Home Fellowship
7:00 pm
1206 Harmony Way
“Focus On Prayer”


Scott Home Fellowship
Thursdays (2nd & 4th) at 7:00 pm (Beginning 9/28/17)
3920 E. Kokopelli Lane