Scot & Anita Porter

Scot Porter


members since 2004

in 1999, Scot looked at a map of Arizona, picked the highest elevation and moved from upstate New York. He found Christ in Flagstaff and started attending Flagstaff Christian Fellowship. A little while later, he met Anita who had lived in Arizona her whole life and been a Christian for almost as long. They got married in 2007 and started teaching fourth and fifth grade Sunday school. After four years a need arose for a Jr High leader.

So many life altering and important decisions are made in Jr High. There is also a lot of distractions to keep kids from making good decisions.¬† It wasn’t difficult to volunteer to help kids make good, godly decisions. Scot and Anita have been teaching Jr High Sunday School and Bible studies ever since.

Scot is the sole proprietor of his handyman business. Anita helps manage the business and homeschools their three kids.