Preston Korn


member since 1994

Preston has been a member of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship (FCF) since 1994. FCF quickly became “home” to Preston because of the wonderful people who make up the church and the commitment to solid expositional teaching of the Word. Preston met his wife Mailynn when he was working at Northern Arizona University and she was getting her master’s degree. They married in 1996 at FCF. They have three boys, David, Daniel and Jonathan and a daughter Noelani who is waiting for them in Heaven. Mailynn has been homeschooling the boys throughout their school years. Their oldest, David, will be off to college next year.

Preston and Mailynn have served in many areas of the church. They were on worship teams together for many years. They served as Children’s Education Directors for a time, led the children’s Christmas play for 9 years, led the Junior High Youth Group for 5 years, taught Sunday School, helped lead Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) Good News Clubs in Leupp, AZ on the Navajo Reservation as well as 5-Day Clubs in Watts, Los Angeles area for 6 years, hosted College Bible studies as well as Young Marrieds Bible Studies, brought a Cub Scout pack to FCF and led the pack for 9 years, and then assisted in bringing a Boy Scout troop to FCF (which FCF had originally charted in the 1960s). Preston is currently assisting the Boy Scout Troop 39 and serving as the church’s webmaster.

Preston has been on two short term mission trips to Sierra Leone and Gambia in Africa with Global Recordings Networks (GRN). GRN records gospel messages in native languages and then distributes them in various forms such as cassette tape with hand-crank players, CDs, and now even solar powered MP3 players. Preston also spent some time at the GRN headquarters in California assisting with their web programming. Preston and Mailynn still support the work in Gambia.

Preston is a ColdFusion programmer and network administrator by trade and enjoys American history and politics.