Bill Haney

Bill Haney


member since 2015

After the last of six children graduated from school and moved out of the home, Bill and Anne came right to flagstaff (in 2015) where they decided to join FCF on their first visit (and only their second day in town!).

Bill and Anne are enjoying thirty-six years of marriage and the goodness of the Lord to save all their children and equip them to serve community and country in law enforcement and the military.

Anne’s heart for children has led her to serve in children’s ministries and pediatric nursing for forty years.

Bill brings to FCF twenty-four years of military and law enforcement service and as many years of ministry as deacon, intern, pastor, and chaplain at various churches around the country. He is grateful for a wonderful education:  a Masters of Divinity from The Masters Seminary.

They enjoy the out-of-doors, the open road, good food, great conversation and the unique personality of Flagstaff.

As an Elder at FCF, Bill’s faith is in the Lord to continue to anoint the teaching, preaching, counseling, shepherding and pastoring skills He has entrusted to him. His heart’s desire is for discipling mature and joyful followers of Christ at FCF and the effective proclamation of the Gospel to the greater Flagstaff area – all to the glory of God.