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The Fire

March 19, 2023 Speaker: Dr. Dave Berry Series: Following Jesus Together

Topic: High Priest, Restoration, Denial, Grace, Betrayal Scripture: John 18:12–27

John 18:12-27

In our text today, the arrest of Jesus continues and the trials begin. We follow Jesus and Peter into the firelight of the High Priest Annas’ house and ultimately, we will see the depths of our own sin and shallowness of our faith in Peter and at the same time find hope in the triumphant grace of Christ.

Picture This:

  • Scene 1 - Jesus Before Annas, Part 1 (John 18:12–14)
  • Scene 2 - Peter’s 1st Denial (John 18:15–18)
  • Scene 3 - Jesus Before Annas, Part 2 (John 18:19–24)
  • Scene 4 - Peter’s 2nd & 3rd Denials And Our Only Hope (John 18:25–27)