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The Gospel of John: Interlude Overview

August 21, 2022 Speaker: Dr. Dave Berry Series: Following Jesus Together

Topic: Jesus Scripture: John 20:30–31, John 1:1–5, John 10:27

  1. The Purpose of John’s Gospel is That We Might Believe in Jesus Together (John 20:30–31; 21:25)

  2. Six Literary Threads That Build Belief in Jesus Christ (John 1:1–5; various)

    A - John's Use of Time Stamps
    B - John is the New Testament Book of Genesis
    C - The New and True Temple
    D - Jesus Fulfills the Feasts
    E - Jesus Performs Seven Signs
    F - Jesus is the Great "I AM"

  3. We Are To Follow Jesus Together By Faith (John 10:27)