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Servant-Slaves of Christ

June 5, 2022 Speaker: Dr. Dave Berry Series: Ekklesia

Topic: Church, Servants, Slaves Scripture: Philippians 2:5–11, Revelation 1:1, Galatians 5:13, 1 Peter 4:10–11

  1. A Key Understanding of the Christian Life: We Are Slaves of Christ (Rev 1:1)

  2. The Joyous Ground of Slavery to Christ: The Gospel (Phil 2:5–11)

  3. The Purpose of Slavery to Christ: Imitation of Christ (Gal 5:13)

  4. The Result of Slavery to Christ: Worship of God and Growth of the Church (1 Pet 4:10–11)

  5. Seven ways to Respond to Being Slaves of Christ

    1. Repent and Believe the gospel to be reconciled to God and set free to truly live

    2. Join the church. First, submit to the church by formally agreeing to our doctrines and practices, let us know your testimony of the gospel and become a part of this church such that you can participate in exercising the keys of the kingdom with us. Scripture requires you to be in a position where you can participate in the formative and corrective discipline of the church, where you can protect and promote the gospel as we agree upon it in this church, where you can vote on elders and deacons and more. In other words, first join us as a Christian, so that we know you are a Christian before you serve us as a Christian.

    3. Take an honest audit of your life of service. Can you point to clear areas where you are actively serving as a slave of Christ, formally and informally in this church? Can you point to clear ways you proclaim and demonstrate the gospel in this church?

    4. For those who serve, are you a volunteer or a slave of Christ? Do you welcome feedback and direction or do you bristle and reject it? In other words, do you have a volunteer mentality or a slave of Christ mentality. Is it your humble joy to please Christ by pleasing others through service or are there terms and conditions on what you will and won’t do?

    5. For those who serve as slaves of Christ, treasure the gift of showing Christ to others in your service

    6. For those who serve as slaves of Christ, prize the opportunity of building the body of Christ in your service

    7. For those who serve as slaves of Christ, savor the occasion of worshipping Christ in your service