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The Lord Reigns

February 20, 2022 Speaker: Steve Cole Series: Guest Speakers

Topic: Sovereignty Scripture: Psalm 97:1–12

The Lord Reigns
Psalm 97

Because the Lord reigns over all, His saints should rejoice, but sinners should fear His coming judgment.

  1. The Lord reigns: Let the earth rejoice and bow in fear because of His coming judgment (97:1-6).
    • The theme stated: The Lord reigns, let the earth rejoice (97:1)
    • The flip side of the theme: Those that are not subject to the Lord should fear His coming in judgment (97:2-6).
  2. The Lord reigns: Let idolaters be ashamed, but let His people rejoice (97:7-9).
    • The Lord reigns: Let idolaters be ashamed (97:7).
    • The Lord reigns: Let His people rejoice (97:8-9)
  3. The Lord reigns: Let those who love Him hate evil and be glad in Him (97:10-12).
    • The command: Hate evil, you who love the Lord (97:10a).
    • The blessings promised for those who hate evil and love the Lord: preservation, light, and gladness (97:10b-11).
    • Final summary command: Be glad in the Lord you righteous ones and give thanks to His holy name (97:12).

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