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How to Obtain Help From Jesus

May 9, 2021 Speaker: Steve Cole Series: Guest Speakers

Topic: Faith, Trials Scripture: Matthew 15:21–28

To obtain help from the Lord Jesus, let your problems drive you to Him with overcoming faith.

1. God intends for problems to drive us to Jesus.

A. Often our problems are beyond human help.
B. Sometimes our problems are embarrassing.
C. Our problems should not keep us from coming to Jesus, but rather drive us to Him.

2. To come to Jesus, there are often obstacles to overcome.

A. Sometimes you need to overcome the obstacle of cultural differences or race.
B. Sometimes you need to overcome the obstacle of insensitive or uncaring Christians.
C. Sometimes you need to overcome the obstacle that Jesus seems silent or uncaring.

3. Overcoming faith obtains Jesus' help.

A. Overcoming faith can operate even when you have a scant knowledge of who Jesus is.
B. Overcoming faith is not based on any merit or worthiness in yourself.
C. Overcoming faith often must keep believing through what seems like initial rejection.
D. Overcoming faith perseveres through obstacles.
E. Overcoming faith uses God’s own words to build a persuasive argument.

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