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Covid Response

Originally Published on May 20, 2020 

By way of preface, we all recognize the most cautious and safest course is to stay home. There is simply no way to reconvene as a church without an increased risk of exposure. We are not a hospital and cannot reach their levels of consistent sanitation. For those the CDC and AZDHS have identified as at-risk populations, the elders encourage you to abide by their recommendations and stay home, along with any of you who are uniquely concerned or impacted by the virus. The sermon will still be available online. Given the pandemic's ongoing realities, we want to reiterate that you are not disobeying Hebrews 10:24–25 by staying home.


At-Risk/Sick: If you are considered at-risk and/or are sick, please stay home and abide by CDC/AZDHS recommendations.

Date/Time: We have reconvened our Sunday Services times of 9 am & 11:00 am.

Traffic flow: Please form a physical distanced line at the church's front doors prior to the service. This will be the only entrance into the church. Do not use other doors to enter the church. When you enter, please proceed to the farthest seats, filling the church from the back baptismal wall to the front doors. If you intend to sit in the fireside room, please proceed directly there. Please exit the building at the nearest door. Our aim is to prevent cross-traffic or congregating points. 

Masks: The current law in Flagstaff mandates the wearing of face masks indoors when social distancing is not possible. The mandate states all over the age of 5 need to wear a mask with the exception of those who are unable to wear one due to health reasons. We encourage you to abide by the law. If you have a cloth mask, please wear it. We will also make masks available to those that have none.

Physical Distancing: The fireside room is our only room available that can accommodate complete social distancing. All physical contact is discouraged. We have removed about 1/3 of the sanctuary seats to provide a measure of distancing in-front and behind. Please use discretion in sitting next to people, perhaps asking if they are comfortable with you sitting next to them. Consider leaving a two-seat space between parties. Please be considerate of people's personal space. Seating will also be available in the Fireside Room as overflow and for those who want additional distancing.

Cleaning: The building is cleaned and disinfected every Friday evening. We will provide additional cleaning in-between services of handles, knobs, and surfaces, especially in the bathrooms.

Bulletins: Digital, please bring your own notebook.

Singing: We will have a full worship team with a 6ft distance to the nearest row.

Bibles: Bibles can only be handed-out on the condition they are kept.

Communion: For the time being, the Lord's Supper will be pre-placed in the holder in the chair in front of you. The elements will be pre-packaged and sealed. Please do not allow anyone from your party to handle any elements that are not being used

Food/Drink: No food or drink will be provided; the drinking fountain is closed

Offering boxes: Upon entry to the church, consider placing your offering in one of the drop boxes near an entrance/exit, or making your donation online.

Sunday School: At this time, there is no nursery - elementary Sunday School. There is also no Sunday School for adults. However, there is middle school and high school Sunday School during the second service. Reevaluation will happen on a monthly basis.

As always, the elders welcome any questions, comments, or feedback. So please don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing