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Highlights from Calvin’s Institutes

Pastor Steve will be leading a class, "Highlights from Calvin's Institutes," January 17-May 2. "Outside of the Bible, no book has influenced me as much as John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Calvin has an exalted view of God and a biblically humbling view of man that will help you to grow in worship, godliness, understanding, and humility, which is the aim of this course."

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Where Did the Last 40 Years Go?

Someone asked Billy Graham when he was old what impressed him most about life. He replied, "Its brevity." I can certainly relate to that! It's hard for me to believe that it was forty years ago this month that with much fear and trembling I began as a pastor at a small church in the Southern California mountains.

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Is the Virgin Birth a Myth?

This week, a friend from out of our State sent me a blog from a pastor in her town where a friend of hers attends. In it, he makes the comment, “I am reminded that there is a good deal of myth in the birth narratives of the Christ.” He then refers to the virgin birth of our Lord. Really?

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