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Our Family’s Advent Tradition

Every year our family has a tradition of reading an advent story from Arnold Ytreeide. His first book, “Jotham’s Jouney”, chronicles a young shepherd boy’s adventure in Israel at the time of Jesus’s birth. Jotham is separated from his family and spends the entire story looking for his family. Throughout the story, Jotham meets other characters both good and bad. I won’t tell you the ending because that’s the best part.

Each night throughout the advent season we read a section of the story. We also light a candle and let it burn while we read the story. Our boys take turns lighting and blowing out the candles. At the end of the section there is usually a verse to discuss and a short devotional related to the events that happened in the story that day.

Ytreeide is a master story teller and all of us in the family look forward to the night’s adventures.

Each book gives you instructions on when to read each passage so no matter what year it is or what day Christmas falls on, the final section will always be read on Christmas day.

Ytreeide’s other advent books all use the same format.  They are “Bartholomew’s Passage”, “Tabitha’s Travels”, and “Ishtar’s Odyssey”.  The best part is, the characters intertwine between the different stories.

If you don’t have an advent tradition I highly recommend Ytreeide’s books. There is still time to pick one up. This year’s story starts on December 3rd.

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