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Is the Virgin Birth a Myth?

This week, a friend from out of our State sent me a blog from a pastor in her town where a friend of hers attends. In it, he makes the comment, “I am reminded that there is a good deal of myth in the birth narratives of the Christ.” He goes on to report on the many complexities of the “myth” of the virgin birth of Christ. I went to this pastor’s blog and skimmed his article, which he proudly features in a prominent spot, “Hi, my name is Clint, and I’m the least bible-minded pastor in America.” Well, at least he lets you know where he’s coming from! I also learned from his blog that he earned his doctorate at a leading “evangelical” seminary, which has professors who believe there are errors in the Bible. I was somewhat shocked to see that this pastor is also an adjunct faculty member of that seminary! Why a seminary that trains pastors and missionaries to preach the gospel would hire a man who views the birth narratives of Christ, including His virgin birth, as myths, is beyond me!

All of that to say, if you’re out of town this Christmas (which falls on Sunday this year), I hope you will read or later listen to my message from Matthew 1:18-25, “Who is This Child?” His virgin birth is not a myth, but a faithfully reported historical fact. To blow it off as a myth is to deny the deity of our Savior. And (as I cite in the message), as Bishop Moule once said, “A Saviour not quite God is a bridge broken at the farther end.” I wish each of you a blessed Christmas.

Pastor Steve Cole

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