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Deceived or Delighted? Meditation by Pastor Steve

I spent my time with the Lord this morning meditating on Psalm 36, where David contrasts the deceitfulness of sin (verses 1-4) with the delightfulness of the Lord (verses 5-12). It would seem that those are the choices: either we are deceived by our sin or we’re delighting ourselves in the Lord and His abundant lovingkindness. I also reread my sermon on Psalm 36 which reminded me of George Muller’s rule that the first business of every morning should be to secure happiness in God through time in God’s Word and prayer. In his biography, George Muller of Bristol, A. T. Pierson wrote of Muller (p.  257), “He taught that God alone is the one all-satisfying portion of the soul, and that we must determine to possess and enjoy Him as such.” Can I truly say that God is the all-satisfying portion of my soul? Am I delighted in Him?

By way of contrast, David says of the ungodly (Ps. 36:1), “There is no fear of God before his eyes.” Paul cites that verse in Romans 3:18 at the culmination of his indictment of the human race in sin. The fear of God is completely compatible with delight in God. David also adds that sin flatters the ungodly in his own eyes, causing him not to hate and despise his sin. We either fear God and are delighted in Him so that we hate and despise our own sin. Or, our sin has deceived us into thinking that it will satisfy us, which it cannot ever do.

So think about the two choices: Am I being deceived by my sin, which I love, or am I delighting in God and His love as the all-satisfying portion of my soul? Make sure that your first business tomorrow morning is to secure your happiness in God!

Pastor Steve Cole

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