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Biblical Character Qualities & Life Skills

This list is not exhaustive, but here are some key character qualities and basic life skills to aim at in your own life and with your children:

  • Genuine conversion to Christ (not just a “decision,” but a heart changed by God)
  • God-focused life (glorify and please God, not be a people-pleaser)
  • Trust in God (Prayer in everything)
  • Knowledge of God’s Word (a biblical thinker, discerning)
    • A consistent quiet time, including Scripture memory
  • A heart for the lost (locally & globally)
    • Ability to share the gospel
  • The fruit of the Spirit (Gal. 5:22-23):
    • Love (for God & others)
    • Joy (cheerful spirit, ability to handle trials)
    • Peace (not a worrier)
    • Patience (control of anger, frustration)
    • Kindness (compassionate, sensitive to others, especially the hurting)
    • Goodness (thinking of others’ needs, not mean toward the disadvantaged)
    • Faithfulness (keeps word, follows through on assignments)
    • Gentleness (not rude, overbearing)
    • Self-control (disciplined, goal-oriented)
  • Humility
  • Self-denial (thinking of God & others ahead of self)
  • A good listener
  • Obedience to God and to proper authority
  • Moral purity (God’s view of sex)
  • Alert to spiritual danger (guarding thought life, entertainment, etc.)
  • Truthful, honest
  • Thankfulness, gratitude
  • Forgiving (not bitter, not holding grudges)
  • Responsible (loyal, keeps word)
  • Courage (to stand alone for convictions)
  • Perseverance, endurance (doesn’t quit easily)
  • Orderliness
  • Initiative, industrious (knows how to work)
  • Decisiveness
  • Flexibility (able to adjust cheerfully to different people & situations)
  • Hospitable, friendly
    • Makes others feel welcome & comfortable
    • Polite, has good manners
    • Knows how to make introductions
    • Smiles and maintains eye contact with others
    • Anticipates and meets others’ needs
    • Expresses gratitude
    • A good sense of humor
  • Faithful steward of God’s resources:
    • Generous (not greedy)
    • Faithful in giving
    • Good money management
    • Respect for property
    • Knows how to balance checkbook, budget, save, invest, and spend wisely
  • Faithful steward of time
    • Punctual
    • Can set and achieve goals
    • Balances work and leisure time
  • Faithful steward of body
    • Dresses appropriately (for situation) and modestly
    • Maintains proper grooming, care of clothes, etc.
    • Knows and follows proper nutrition
    • Maintains appropriate weight, exercise, sleep
    • Knows how to cook basic meals
  • Other life skills:
    • Housecleaning, laundry
    • Wise shopper (sales, bargains, etc.)
    • Ability to drive carefully, maintain car
    • Ability to read well
    • Ability to use computer

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  1. I am looking for Life skills in Christian perspectives. Next year (2020) I am planning to make 60 episodes of Life skills for Christians. I am very satisfied with this list. Thank you Steve Cole…

    1. mm

      Thank you, brother. May god bless your labors for Christ!

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