Sarah Tomich

Sarah Tomich


member since 2016

Sarah has been attending FCF since she first came as a college student in 1998.  She and her husband David met through the Campus Crusade group at NAU, and were involved in college group at FCF before they were married in 2001.  She now keeps busy homeschooling the oldest 3 of their 5 children, doing some graphic design work from home, and helping in various ministries at FCF, including Sunday School & Nursery, Pastry Ministry, mentoring, Craft Sale, and Careline.

Careline has been one of Sarah’s primary ministries for the past several years.  She has mainly headed up the “New Moms” portion of Careline, helping organize meals for families with new babies.  In the past, Careline duties were divided between two coordinators, one for new moms, and one for crisis needs (sickness, deaths, surgeries, etc.)  As there is currently not a second coordinator, Sarah is heading up both areas.  She greatly enjoys cooking, and loves helping bless families in need with tasty meals.