Mailynn Korn

American Heritage Girls

member since 1995

Originally from Kauai, Mailynn moved to Flagstaff in 1994 to pursue a master’s degree from Northern Arizona University.  It was here that she met her future husband, Preston, and began attending Flagstaff Christian Fellowship.  Following graduation, she and Preston married in 1996 and stayed in Flagstaff to work, live, and raise their family.  These days, Mailynn’s primary occupation is wife, homemaker, and homeschooling mom to their three sons, David, Daniel, and Jonathan.

Mailynn and Preston have been involved at Flagstaff Christian Fellowship in many ways over the years.  They have led the Children’s Christmas Program, taught Sunday School, led Junior High, hosted a College Bible Study, hosted a Young Marrieds Bible Study, and more.  For the past nine years, they have enjoyed investing in Cub Scout Pack 112 and Boy Scout Troop 39 here at FCF.  Mailynn presently leads the American Heritage Girls as Troop Coordinator and plays with one of the worship teams.