Christian Young


member since 2005

Born in Flagstaff, Christian grew up traveling the world as a missionary kid.  He obtained a Bachelor of Science from Southwestern College (now known as Arizona Christian University) in Christian Ministries, graduating in 2000.  Also, Christian married another missionary kid in 2000, and in 2002, they relocated to Flagstaff and have been here ever since.  They have five children, a busy minivan, and play lots of Uno.  As a non-paid elder at Flagstaff Christian Fellowship, Christian supports his family through custom woodworking and tour guide work in the Southwest.  Being interested in geology, Christian is an advocate of catastrophic theory and writes material seeking to upgrade the geologic account of the Southwest’s history, Grand Canyon in particular.  Being interested in woodworking, Christian enjoys a biblical worldview of craftsmanship; uniting the daily world of human enterprise with the deep theological current of Scripture.  He often teaches adult Sunday school, targeting the integration of Christianity into daily life, practical apologetics, and the relational meaning of the Gospel.