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Steve Cole’s Retirement Party

If you missed Steve’s retirement party, you missed one of the best events in the history of Flagstaff Christian Fellowship!  What a wonderful, special and blessed evening!  Preston Korn did the planning and organization.  We had a delicious meal, catered by Simply Delicious, (well named).  The entire sanctuary was packed with not a seat left.  The tables were perfectly done, with Steve and Marla in mind, with burlap and navy runners and a centerpiece of local greenery and pine cones.  All three of Steve and Marla’s children spoke, Christa, and Daniel, with Joy sending a video from overseas.  The college group acted as servers for the meal.  People on Steve’s sermon list sent notes of appreciation and those ran on the overhead before and during the meal.  Those in attendance brought cards and gift cards.  Preston and his Mailynn created a game called, “How well do you know Pastor Cole?”   It was hilarious!   The speakers were short and sweet, Ron Talbott, an elder on Steve’s original search committee, Stan Johnson our associate pastor who retired last year, worship leader Bo Gonzalez and our new pastor Dave Berry.  Steve spoke for a few minutes as well.  My favorite part of the evening? Watching all those men cry! 

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  1. Wow, I will really miss Steve, I used to think that the western world had abandoned the faith they brought to Africa, not until I heard Steve’s messages. God bless you for your steadfastness. I wish you many more beautiful years ahead.

  2. Just wanted to leave a message saying that I really appreciated Pastor Steve’s messages. I found him on Bible.org, and I really like how he goes through whole books of the Bible. His sermons really helped me as I study God’s Word. I’m a little sad that he retired (since I would like to hear more of his sermons), but I’m sure it’s well-deserved. God bless you, Pastor Steve! Thank you for staying true to the Word when you preached.

  3. I have been away from Flagstaff for 8 years now, but attended FCF for many years – and will always cherish the messages that Pastor Cole delivered – God used him in many ways to strengthen my faith and my heart. Praying for God’s abundant blessings on Pastor Cole and his wife as they enjoy their retirement.

  4. Pastor Steve is my older brother and I have always loved and admired him! Thank you, Flagstaff Christian Fellowship, for all the love that you shower on Steve and his family; specifically for the special retirement party you gave him! Wish I could have been there! He, Marla and their extended family are truly blessed to have FCF as their church home! Look forward to praising our Lord together with you all next time I’m in Flagstaff. Blessings, Becky Cole Eisemann

  5. Thank you steve, for your life changing class on calvins institutes. My life forever changed. 1999/98. You are Gods best. I hope your replacement is reformed so he can stand in your shoes. Love you, maureen
    Never forget.

  6. Thanks to Bible.org I have been blessed by Pastor Steve’s messages. They have been instrumental in my Bible teaching to older adults. Pastor Steve is to be admired for his sound exegesis along with thorough research into the writings of Lloyd-Jones, Calvin, Spurgeon, Edwards, and a number of other pillars of the faith. May God continue to bring blessings upon him and his family.

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