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Fall Preaching Schedule

This fall there are big changes at FCF.  We will be transitioning from the faithful service and leadership of Pastor Steve Cole to Pastor Dave Berry.  Dave plans to arrive in Flagstaff on or around October 15th.  However, he will not be taking the pulpit responsibilities right away.  Aside from personally settling in, Dave will be spending some time getting to know the members of FCF.

Steve will be leaving on a vacation to visit his daughter and her family overseas and during that time members of FCF will be preaching.  Upon returning from his trip, Steve will give his final four regular sermons.  You don’t want to miss these!  Dave Berry will begin his preaching responsibilities on December 16th.

Check out the preaching schedule to the right.

October 21
Bill Haney
October 28
Bo Gonzalez
November 4
Dan Barton
November 11
Christian Young
November 18
Steve Cole
November 25
Steve Cole
December 02
Steve Cole
December 09
Steve Cole
December 16 forward
Dave Berry

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  1. To Brother Cole,
    I’ve followed your teaching for a while and it has helped me tremendously in understanding the Holy Scriptures. Since December I’ve been privileged in leading Wednesday night Bible study and prayer meeting. The letter to the Romans was where I was led to start and it has been a great blessing to me personally and our fellowship. Our Pastor was going through cancer treatment and now is well. Praise be to God! I pray that you will continue in teaching and posting your message out on Bible.Org.
    The Body of Christ is being nourished and built up because of your faithfulness.

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