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Quotes from John Bunyan

Quotes from John Bunyan, The Acceptable Sacrifice, or the Excellency of a Broken Heart

(in Bunyan’s Works [Baker])

“Whoever has heard the Word preached, and has not heard the voice of the living God therein, has not as yet had their hearts broken, nor their spirits made contrite for their sins.” (Page 1:694)

“This, then, it is to have the heart broken; namely, to have it lamed, disabled, and taken off by sense of God’s wrath due to sin, from the course of life it formerly was conversant in.” (Page 1:695)

“This therefore is the cause of a broken heart, even a sight of divine excellencies, and a sense that I am poor, depraved, spoiled defiled wretch; and this sight having broken the heart, begets sorrow in the broken-hearted.” (Page 1:698)

“The heart, as it is by nature hard, stupid, and impenetrable, so it remains, and so will remain, until God, as was said, bruises it with his hammer, and melts it with his fire.” (Page 1:709)

“A broken heart prizes Christ, and has a high esteem for him.” (Page 1:710)

“As bread to the hungry, as water to the thirsty, as light to the blind, and liberty to the imprisoned; so, and a thousand times more, is Jesus Christ to the wounded, and to them that are broken-hearted.” (Page 1:711)

“[A tender heart] is the way to maintain in your soul always a fear of sinning against God.” (Page 1:72)

“It is amazing to consider what hold sin has on some men’s souls, spirits, will, and affections. It is to them better than heaven, better than God—than the soul, ay, than salvation.” (Page 1:714)

“But, soul, be sure you have this broken heart. All hearts are not broken hearts, nor is every heart that seems to have a wound, a heart that is truly broken.” (Page 1:715)

“You will never be as you should, concerned about, nor seek the salvation of your own soul, before you have a broken heart, a broken and a contrite spirit.” (Page 1:718)

“God is resolved to break ALL hearts for sin some time or other… . He that mourns not now, while the door of mercy is open, must mourn for sin when the door of mercy is shut.” (Page 1:718)

“That which makes a man a hearty, an unfeigned, a sincere seeker after the good of his own soul, is a sense of sin, and a godly fear of being overtaken with the danger which it brings a man into.” (Page 1:718)

“‛The whole have no need of a physician’; that is, they see no need, but Christ will make them see their need before he ministers his sovereign grace unto them; and good reason, otherwise, he will have but little thanks for his kindness.” (Page 1:719)

“And truly I think the more righteous any is in his own eyes before conversion, the more need he has of heart-breaking work, in order to his salvation; because a man is not by nature so easily convinced that his righteousness is to God abominable, as he is that his debauchery and profaneness is.” (Page 1:719)


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